Project Objectives

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The project is based on achieving a set of objectives which involve the effective implementation of the Natura 2000 Network. The project objectives are:

1) To disseminate and publicize the Natura 2000 Network, its biodiversity and natural resources. As there is a lack of knowledge about the Natura 2000 Network among the general public, the primary objective of this project is to inform people, via the different media, of the existence of a network of European areas managed for the conservation of habitats and species integrated into the social context, known as the Natura 2000 Network.

2) To bring about a change of attitude among the sectors involved in the Natura 2000 Network. For the strategic actors to contribute to the understanding of the Natura 2000 Network and its objectives. The Natura 2000 Network has been perceived as a set of constraints to productive activities in Spain. Therefore, one of the objectives of this project is to change the perception of the Natura 2000 Network and publicize what activities are allowed in accordance with the legal framework and what activities which should be carried out differently, due to the conservation of natural resources and the benefits and opportunities of belonging to these areas.

3) To promote the socio-economic development of the Natura 2000 Network by means of tourism and other sustainable activities. To promote the Natura 2000 Network as an opportunity for the sustainable development of tourism and environment-related activities. To provide information on the values and resources available in these Natura 2000 sites as well as the potential niches to be exploited in the future. This will allow the development of clubs of regional products and tourist entrepreneurs' observation of the guidelines set out in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

4) To create a new generation of environmentally-aware and sensitized people. To environmentally sensitize and educate a whole generation of young people of school age who are the people who, in the near future, will do their work within the Natura 2000 Network and who will be the transmitters of that sensitivity to other people in their towns.


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